Product of the Year 2018 - Automatic locating of nearest response vehicle

The integration of our International proven and successful RapidTrac vehicle tracking platform into AIMSS (Analytical Intelligent Management Security Solutions) has taking our guarding patrol solution to the next level. Read More →

Product of the Year 2015 - Tracking objects for 5 years

The SmartTrac-5 GPRS / GPS / CELL ID / RFID range of modules enable you to remotely track and trace a variety of objects, for a maximum period of five years without any battery charging or maintenance, with a daily health check. Read More →

Product of the Year 2014 - Managing guards with AIMSS

AIMSS technology was developed by BTS using compression algorithms to minimise its data costs. The uniqueness of its technology lies in the cost effectiveness of its products as well as its technological intelligence, with operational capabilities 24/7/365 real-time geo-visual monitoring. Read More →

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