• Monday 11 January 2016

The SmartTrac-5 GPRS / GPS / CELLID / RFID range of modules enable you to remotely track and trace a variety of objects, for a maximum period of five years without any battery charging or maintenance, with a daily health check. The SmartTrac-5 is the latest addition to the inventory of BTS.

*** Note:  For the integrity of the product, all picture images have been removed.

Targeted for both industrial and commercial applications that need a minimum size while providing advanced location services.

The SmartTrac-5 offers up to 5 years operation maintenance free. The number of positions per day can be increased, e.g. in case of theft or required higher position frequency. The functionality of the module can be programmed. By default, the module will wake up once a day and obtain one location in LBS format.

 Key features include: 

  •          Extremely small and lightweight, housing 116 x 38 x 25 mm
  •          Weight 110 grams
  •          Wide operating temperature range
  •          Quad-band for worldwide coverage
  •          Ultra-low power consumption
  •          Excellent GPS accuracy
  •          Multiple watchdog levels for maximum stability
  •          Remote configurable
  •          Field upgradeable firmware via GPRS
  •          Replaceable battery
  •          Accelerometer Sensor
  •          RFID


  •          Cars, Trucks, Caravans
  •          Boats, Yachts
  •          Containers, Equipment
  •          Machinery, Tools
  •          Sub Stations, Base Stations
  •          Weapons
  •          Cable Protection - Under-Ground & Over-Head
  •          Static Pumps and Generators


Awarded by Hi-Tech Security Solutions SA.

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