We have created a seamless platform which allows integration of all four of our key products, AIMSS, RapidTrac, RapidCam and SmartTrac.  These products have been carefully designed for ease of operation and maintenance, highly reliable with real time monitoring & daily auto reporting. Enhancing the efficiency and performance of the guards on the ground coupled with peace of mind for the clients.




With 12 years experience in telematics we have designed our products to be driven by today’s technology and not manpower. Our technology is future proofed for guaranteed and constant improvements going forward.




Service Levels

The constant data streaming of (eGuard/eGuard-K9), the Geo-Visual image streaming of (eBodyGuard/RapidTrac) with our Live Mobile Video streaming or DVR playback (RapidCam) are all designed to assist security companies to improve their level of services.




The Technology Advantage

Being technologically advanced as well as cost effective in terms of reduced man power on the ground. Increasing efficiency and providing the end user with an unmatched advantage.


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