Real-Time tracking the movement of each guard individually within their line of duty/shift, with daily autonomous summary and detailed email performance reports. Instant notifications to control room with option of SMS and emails to management.



Accommodating AIMSS Platform

eBodyGuard world’s first mobile tracking device transmitting Real-Time cost effective imaging on any platform (i.e. own computers, third party, control room etc…)




Real Time

RapidTrac’s  surveillance by snapshot and reporting in Real-Time the Movement of “Goods on the Move”  together with the behaviour and route of the driver.




Proprietary Software

The pictures/images derived from the Technology remains cost effective due to the compression algorithm developed by BTS “In House”




Attentive Notifications

Instant alerts accompanied by electronic voice directed to the control room. Instant SMS and emails by options to management, then a continuous by the hour notification and summary until such time the issues are resolved.


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