Beside our products been versatile, creative, unique, effective and cost conscious; In today’s hostile world, security is on the mind of every responsible person in corporate business to Captain’s of industry as well as the general public, striving to bring safety and security at its highest level to the worker and vehicle logistics environment.

BTS’s vision as a globally recognized Workforce Telematics Solutions Provider is to aggressively position our technology into target sectors worldwide...

BTS mission is to implement effective location-based workforce and vehicle logistics solutions such as AIMSS / RapidTrac that will impact on any clients business by increasing efficiency as well as safety, and the decrease of theft related to the movement of cargo. Bringing End to End cost effective efficient Security Solutions tailor made to the Client requirements.

BTS is committed to security solutions and passionate about Telematics and will continually improve its Technology beyond its closest competitors with the end result of striving to be first to market.

The BTS Geo-Visual location-based solution bridges the gap in mobile communication and positioning.... BTS is creating a new paradigm....

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