• 2002 - Founded

    focus on developing mobile Telematic safety/security IT solutions

  • 2004 - Partnership

    ‘Partnered’ with Clear Technologies (IBM’s biggest ‘Partner’ in Texas USA)

  • 2004 - Awarded Tender

    Awarded Federal Govt USA tender - (Biggest bus company in the world, Coach USA)

  • 2005 - Awarded Tender

    Awarded European Govt tender for VIP protection

  • 2006 - Market First

    Eastern European Police agency, first to market on a vehicle web based Geo–visual platform

  • 2009 - Market First

    First to market with multi geo–visual safety/security vehicle and workforce platform

  • 2010 - Product Launch

    Conception of eGuard

  • 2012 - Product Launch

    AIMSS created, first to auto & analytical reports of Geo-Visual Safety security guarding solutions

  • 2013 - Product Launch

    eGuard-K9 developed

  • 2014 - Product Launch

    RapidCAM Compact Mobile Video Audio real time streaming solutions

  • 2014 - Smallest Security Solution

    AIMSS Tools, smallest GSM/GPS/GPRS/RFID/Wi-Fi module for Safety/Security solutions

  • 2014 - Product Launch

     SmartTrac. First to market with long term maintenance free tracking modules with up to 10 years daily reports

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