BetaTrac Telematic Solutions (BTS) is an innovative designer and development house of Geo-Visual location based Safety Security software platforms and solutions. BTS founded in 2002,  with extraordinary vision, saw a gap and created a Mobile SAFETY security surveillance platform,  world first and specifically tailored for around the Security Guarding industry, vehicle surveillance  goods on the move and logistic chain management in with Real-Time, through Geo-Visual image  capture and transfer, called AIMSS (Analytical Intelligent Mobile Security Systems). 

W O R L D   F I R S T  -  AIMSS  Geo-Visual  Real-Time mobile surveillance platform

The AIMSS Mobile Security Guarding platform incorporating i.e. eBodyBody, eGuard, eGuard-K9.  Our vehicle tracking and monitoring solution RapidTrac, is suitable for tracking Goods on the Move as well as End to End Logistics  Management . As never before has workforce or vehicle via remote geo-visual real time monitoring  been achieved, at such affordable and low running costs, designed and directed for many security  solutions and logistical applications. The next paradigm shift of Security advance Technology  remains a priority in today’s world. The hardware is ‘Best of Breed’ out of Europe, designed for  portability and customized reporting to meet any End user expectations as well as being extremely  reliable and robustness.

Flexibility of the SW platform integrating for the first time user, protection of the high-risk lone  worker (Guarding) to real time surveillance of high value cargo on the move.

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